Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eyes Set To Kill To Release White Lotus On August 9th Through Maphia Entertainment/Forsee Records

Download “The Secrets Between” For Free On June 16th

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Eyes Set To Kill are going through a rebirth. Finished of working with their old record company, the Phoenix quartet will independently release their fourth studio album White Lotus on August 9th through a joint venture between their management Maphia Entertainment and their newly-launched label, Forsee.
While fans are familiar with their trademark screamo resonance, White Lotus marks a new beginning as the effort will posses more of metal flavor and more singing.

“It’s a metaphor for our whole take on our future with a rebirth of our whole band and just having a clear mindset,” Alexia Rodriguez, vocalist and guitarist, explains. “Everything is a lot heavier. Even the songs that have all singing and not much screaming are still heavy. We’re making this what we feel like we ought to be.”
Dave Aguilera, their manager and owner of Maphia Entertainment, believes White Lotus will be the time for Eyes Set To Kill to blossom. “Their music has really evolved over the last few years from a female fronted young post-hardcore band to a real radio-metal contender,” he states. “The sky is the limit with their new sound. I think the masses are about to finally hear about them.”

The first single “The Secrets Between” will premiere on RevolverMag.com on June 7th and will be available for free download on June 16th as a special thank you to the fans who have supported the band over the course of their young careers. This record bridges their trademark sound with their new outlook.
“It’s one of the heaviest songs on the album and for the song, we kept the whole singing and screaming thing,” Rodriguez states. “There’s still an even amount, but I think it’s a good representation of where we are trying to go and what we wanna sound like.”

After releasing their first three studio albums and fulfilling their contractual obligation with BreakSilence/Suburban Noize Records, Eyes Set To Kill along with their manager Dave Aguilera decided to escape the fire-breathing world of label politics and instead launched their own independent label, Maphia/Foresee Records, to put out White Lotus. They already have the tools in place to make it a success.

“Being on our own and even recording on our own, it’s so refreshing. We just went to Europe on our own, we got all these past tours on our own and most of the recent tours we opened, we got on our own with out the help of a label,” Rodriguez says. “Figuring out we can do everything by ourselves with just the help of our manager and agent made it opens our eyes. I feel like everyone should do this.”

White Lotus will be jointly released through both Forsee Records and Maphia Entertainment, which is owned and operated by their manager Dave Aguilera.

As an original founding member of both Otep and Bleed The Dream, Aguilera co-produced nine records and sold over 400,000 units. In 2002, he transitioned into a behind the scenes role as he discovered and co-managed platinum-selling act Yellowcard. In 2009, he was named the Vice President of A&R for BreakSilence and then in late 2010, he left to form Maphia Management, which currently manages over ten international bands including Eyes Set To Kill.

With Aguilera lending his expertise and guiding them, Eyes Set To Kill has a strong friend and partner in their corner. “I put out my own records for years as well worked at labels for years and worked at numerous management companies as a manager,” Aguilera says. “Unlike most managers, I started out as an artist myself and can relate to other artists. One thing I will never do is forget why I got into this game in the first place, and that's to protect my bands and not take advantage of them. I think in the future, smart management companies are going to start working with their artists more closely outside of just management.”

The rebirth begins August 9th. Get prepared.
About Eyes Set To Kill: Formed in 2003, Eyes Set To Kill has become one of the most talked about bands in the music industry. The quartet (comprised of vocalist/guitarist Alexia Rodriguez, bassist Anissa Rodriguez, screamer/Cisko Miranda and drummer Caleb Clifton) have released three critically acclaimed studio albums including 2008’s Reach, 2009’s The World Outside and 2011’s Broken Frames. Now, they are releasing White Lotus through their own indie imprint Maphia/Forsee Records.

About Maphia Management: With over fifteen years of experiences in the industry, both as a musician, Writer, Producer, manager and an A&R, Dave Aguilera, launched Maphia Management in late 2010. In addition to managing 10 international acts, Maphia Management has formed strategic corporate partnerships with INgrooves, Ibanez, Hot Topic, Hurley, Vans and many more. In Spring 2011, the company opened their record label division Maphia Entertainment. Eyes Set To Kill’s The White Lotus will be their leadoff release.

Dave Aguilera of Maphia Management
Phone: (818) 582-8434 Ext. 101


  1. We have to say: Congratulations!, you all are doing it, in the right way, in the way it has to be.
    Cisko has revolutioned his vocals, Alexia performed her guitars riffing, techniques, Anissa's Bass Sound is more heavier and Caleb has changed his way to play the Drums. Everything seems to be just perfect, the future is not tomorrow guys, the future is NOW!. This is a Rebirth, we are really proud of you Mr. Aguilera, of Maphia Management and we want to greet the new Label Foresee. The success is in the corner, what are you waiting for?. We are supporting all of you, every day, every week, every month. Hope to see you all in Latino America some day. People is waiting for August with anxiety.

    Greetings from Venezuela, Chile and Mexico

    Project Codename ESTKLA
    Joshua Velásquez - Founder
    Neftali Martinez - Co-Founder/Member
    Frank Medina - Co- Founder/Member

  2. *Listening to Underground Sounds this very second!*

    I'm happy you guys are moving in the direction you want to go and are recreating your music (thus in a sense yourselves) anew in the way YOU see fit. I pray for your continual expression and expansion; continue to declare, live out and fulfill the greatest you see in yourselves.

    Love ya! <3


  3. I fell inlove with their new song! ESTK never fails to write great songs.